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Jan 20, 2011

Mellow 94.7

DWLL, branded as Mellow 94.7, is a music FM station owned by FBS Radio Network Inc. in the Philippines. The station's studio is located at Paragon Plaza, EDSA, Mandaluyong City.

The station began broadcasts in 1973 (when the Philippines was under Martial Law) as DWLL-FM, The Mellow Touch, one of the pioneer FM stations that did not have live announcers and music DJs in their programming. The station relied entirely on the pre-recorded voice-over of retired former DWBL disc jockey Butch Gonzales to bridge segues between songs. Butch Gonzales' taped voice-over also served the purpose of an occasional time-check, usually at the "Top" and "Bottom" of certain hours of each day. Butch Gonzales' voice also became the Mellow Touch's signature voice, as he softly reminded the loyal listeners of tunes for "a bike ride along the boulevard", every hour as the Station ID jingle plays. The sound of his voice instantly translates to soft sentimental music that was clearly associated with the Mellow music of this FM station at the time. Mellow Touch's predominantly easy listening format continued, gradually increasing pace and energy with the restoration of democratic rule in 1986, until just over 5 years ago, it started to accommodate on-air jocks and began to play largely pop alternative songs in-between the standard love songs. Today, to emphasize this shift in programming, it has changed their station title to just plain Mellow 947 ("ninety-four-seven"). Its programs now generally aim to bring out the mellow side of pop-alternative and light rock music fans.


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