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Jun 8, 2009

Langonisang Calumpit

Calumpit major products are handicraft, Pottery and religious articles.

One thing I like to share is the food made in this town, The Langonisang Calumpit. This delicacy based on my own experience is something that you will never forget like a love affair because of its distinct taste.

The Langonisa made by Calumpiteño has garlic ingredients that give a delicious taste.

If you get chance to go somewhere in Bulacan, try to visit Calumpit and you can buy delicacy in their market located along Mc Arthur highway.

I’m sure you will love it.


genial said...

hi there again :)
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genial said...

hey doods.. i'm off now.. g2g, have something to do :) c'ya next time :)


your blog is great! full of great links... :) ciao!

Anonymous said...

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