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Apr 28, 2008

On my way home

Yesterday, I was on my way home riding in a colorum vehicle. The 4 passengers at the back caught my attention because I heard them conversing about the country’s situation. One
of them commented that his oldies noted that we are now in a situation like that of Japanese regime. They would fall in line just to get a kilo of rice. And it’s worse. To think there’s no war around us and yet we have no rice and all goods are very expensive. We have a better peso value and yet purchasing power is very low.


bluedreamer27 said...

gheeeh i hate our peso value honesty
i was receiving an allowance from my grandfa from oklahoma usa and sad to say ang laki talaga ng nabawas compare sa dating halaga tapos patuloy pa rin sa pagmahal ng mga bilihin na supposed to be pa nga ay bumaba dapat hay buhay
have a great day toby

rahamitz said...

Hi Toby! Thanks for dropping by! I enjoyed reading your posts..... Have a great day!

Anonymous said...


Thanks for doing the Big Bang tag. I hope more bloggers will join us and make it a truly Big Bang endeavor.

I have recently transferred to my own domain and I’d like to ask a favor. Can you please change my link in the Big Bang tag? I am #64 (Read my Mind). Please change it to my new domain, I would really appreciate it.

Thanks in advance, and keep on blogging! More power!


toby said...

Thanks for dropping blue, mahirap talaga buhay d2 sa pinas

toby said...

Rahamitz! Thanks for dropping.

toby said...

Thanks for dropping Monaco.
Your request has been recorded

Anonymous said...

thanks for updating my link. I've added you to my blogroll.

LeoneL said...

This post reminds of the song Rage by The Jerks especially the line "people standing in line for a kilo of rice, welcome to the dark ages, the era of lies".
Hirap maging Pinoy ngayon pero sabi nga ni Joey Ayala, "padayon".

Anonymous said...

hirap ngang pumila para bumili ng bigas, siksikan ay buhay nga naman

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