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Apr 15, 2008

Halo Halo

I tasted Halo-Halo from turo-turo to famous Restaurant but there is only one, which registered in my mind.

The taste is really great with only few ingredients mixed together and the finest crashed ice.
You will come back and order again this refreshing halo-halo.

My daughter loves this halo-halo, one time we tried eating halo-halo of one of the famous restaurant, which have very inviting pictures. But she really likes the taste of Razon. Halo Halo

Since, summer is really hot. A refreshing cool of Razon’s halo-halo is highly recommended.

There are branches located at Mall Of Asia, Gateway and Trinoma, anywhere within your reach.

Try it now


Juliana RW said...

hmm...where is that restaurant :D

btw, thanks drop by at my blog and yes that is my little one ;)

toby said...

Razon in SM Mall of Asia,
Gateway and Trinoma..
Here in the Philippines

Carl in Spain said...

Next time I'm in the Philippines I'll try to check it out

toby said...

Thanks for dropping carl. You will love it The razon's halo - halo

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