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Apr 3, 2008

Get paid for blogging

Connecting Advertisers with bloggers is one way to boast the usability of advertisers services; the opinion made by the bloggers could become the basis of the customers in using the services they offered.

Smorty play an important role between the two parties. It serves as connecting link
of advertisers and bloggers.

Aside from that, Smorty is a blog advertising website.

This could be used as another way to rank your blog in a highest possible position.

Making money with your blog is one of the compensation for bloggers when you become a member of the smorty.

Once your application is approved, they will email you suitable ad campaigns you can write about. Log into admin account to accept these tasks. Write your articles and post it in your blog.

You are paid weekly for approved and confirmed articles.

I'm recommending it to you to try the services provided by smorty.

God luck guys.

Blog now and get paid to blog.


MoonLae said...

Is this a paid post?

Haven't tried it.

My blog's been running for more than a couple of months.Later this month I'll try Smorty..and Payperpost as well.

toby said...


Try it, I think you could make it more in this network..

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