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Apr 14, 2008


I'm a regular passenger from Monday to Saturday, going to my office required me to time-in until 8:10 AM, and otherwise I’m late.

I usually used the services of Colorum. These are Drivers who does not have franchise to operate their vehicle as transport services.

Colorum plays an important role for those people who are chasing to be on time in their destination like me. Without them, I’m always late.

Aside from that, I sat comfortably, the BUSES with franchise to operate are full of passenger once they pass in our place.

Thanks to colorum, I hope they'll be given a franchise to operate..


happy said...

hi toby,

thanks for dropping by my site. :)

happy said...

it's me again. got a tag for you. :)

Pete Rahon said...

welcome po...

mag-ingat sa colorum, since some are being used by people to rob passengers, or these colorum are easy prey for robbers.

toby said...

Thanks for the advice pete..

toby said...

Thanks for tagging Happy

Max said...

Hey Todd,

Thanks for having dropped by my blog and for having tagged me :)!

Welcome aboard the Big Bang :D!


Max said...


I am so sorry for having called you Todd (I don't even know why, since I don't know any)...:( it won't happen again!

Anyway, I hope you do return to my blog, it would be great to see more of you :)!


Joy said...

hi toby thanks for the tag-will do it when i get home

toby said...

Your always wellcome ...

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