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Mar 10, 2008


I got comment from dumuro from my article entitle espartame.

Then I clicked his comment see here and the anti-virus was run and checked my computer.

The name of anti-virus is XPAntivirus.

I searched this antivirus using Google search engine.

Here is the definition of this virus.

XPAntiVirus (also known as XP Anti Virus, XPAnti Virus and XP AntiVirus) is fake spyware removal tool that is usually downloaded onto your computer by a Trojan (most likely the Zlob Trojan) or under dubious circumstances without your consent. Once downloaded, XPAntiVirus begins to haunt the user by displaying false security alerts and "detecting" fake threats. The purpose is to get the user to purchase the full version of XPAntiVirus spyware removal application.

In case you encounter this comment. Delete this comment emmediately.


Nilz said...

A recent Viral attack nearly took the life of my home PC. It was cleverly hidden in the system and got into action all of a sudden damaging important files.

coolingstar9 said...

Thanks for the information. This was like the real thief shouted out " catch the thief "
In flat, he was the real thief.
Have a nice week.

toby said...

I visited blog of pinoy alphabet
with the same comment
"See here or here"
but the name is different..
Just in case you encounter the same message

Don't hesitate to delete it..

anyway Thanks for visiting my blog..

bluedreamer27 said...

thanks for shring this gheeh and thanks for warning me toby thank you ssoooo much btw im done with your longest line tag have a great day

toby said...


happy said...

got that comment, too. my mistake was, i clicked on it. oh well..there was something like a warning that showed up on my screen. i immediately closed that window and deleted the comment.

bluedreamer27 said...

heloo toby just dropping by have a great day

my said...

i thought i left a comment here. anyway, got the same comment as well.

toby said...

Thanks for dropping My. By the way MY what is your URL.

salimekki said...

me too
but he do that every time with diffrent names with the same profile
Flash that open this viral window..
whats the solution here ...

toby said...

whats the solution here ..
Delete the message..

Or visit the

on how to remove the virus

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