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Feb 29, 2008

ZTE- NBN Scandal : Posted Report

I'm trying to make a flash report in relation with the hottest issue in the Philippines.

But I think i need more time to study on how to implement the rigth HTML Code.

Below are the latest Posted Report of bloggers : ZTE - NBN scandal

1. Investigador's blog

Gimme 5: Top 5 Hollywood Movie remakes Ala ZTE-NBN Controversy.

2. Blogged

New witness links First Couple to ZTE mess

3. Ellen TordesillasMaking life worth living

3 out of 4 Metro Manila residents distrust Arroyo

4. Relevance of Kidnapping to ZTE


bluedreamer27 said...

hello ybot or toby hehe i have a tag for you in my blog hope youlike it
its a fun meme i made

piebuko said...

Hello. What's your stand on the ZTE Controversy?

toby said...

What about yours

Anonymous said...

Gloria Resign.. Tama Na Sobra Iba Naman

Ric Balite

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