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Feb 13, 2008

Software for Parents

Internet Generation is a part of everyday life. They are wired to the world.

It is comfortable linking with people and places all over the world via the click of a mouse.

Parents with computer at home and connected with Internet need software that monitors the activity of their children.

This software is known as Keylogger. It will keep an eye on your children.

The Keylogger can look after your children without them even noticing. Even technically minded children won't detect the key logger when it runs in a stealth mode. The program removes all the shortcuts and can be accessed only through a hot key combination. Running unobtrusively from the moment the system boots, Keylogger keeps track of all typed or pasted text. You can set it to monitor only selected applications or everything that is done in the system. The log appears as a list of entries sorted by time. For each entry, you can see more details including the name of the application and the title of the active window. The log clearly informs you of the activities of each user in the system.

You can see a full list of visited web pages. Using time stamps, you can match the pages with the text that was typed or pasted from the Clipboard. Once it is clear what your child did on each site, it's up to you to allow or forbid the activity. You can use either Internet Properties or a dedicated firewall to block access to sites with questionable content.

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