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Feb 19, 2008

Pinoy qualities

One of the things that make a pinoy distinctly pinoy is love of family. We are happy to report that, even in this time of Internet generation and any generation to come. Pinoy Family is still alive and kicking.

Aside from love of family, Pinoy qualities such as Cheerfulness and fun-loving approach to life is also known for being pinoy.

Pinoy is also has a sense of gratitute, hospitality, sensitivity to
people's feeling demonstrated in the ability to empathize with others and of course helpfulness or mutual assistance.

Pinoy tayo


My Sassy Mind said...

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My Sassy Mind

ybot said...

I'll check out your blog..... I'm interested with Monk Philosophy.

bluedreamer27 said...

thats true filipino poseses many good qualities
and by the way filipino also fond of believing in superstitious belief right
thanks for thisa wonderful sharing of pilipino qualities

ybot said...

Tama ka dyan Bluedreamer27, Dahil na rin sa close family ties ng mga pinoy nakatulong ito sa pagpasa-pasa ng ganitong paniniwala. Ang superstitious belief. Naging daan din sa mga pinoy ang mataas na respeto natin sa mga matatandang kapamilya at kapuso.

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