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Feb 19, 2008

Link exchange: Give and Take

Are you familiar with the word Give and Take?

Then let's exchange links.

Just add my blog in your Blog Roll using the following information:

Anchor Text : Balitang Kalye

Once done, just leave your comment below with your preferred anchor text and URL.
Also, be sure that you have added my blog in your list before leaving your comment.

Thank you and I look forward linking with you.


Amber said...

I added you to my blogroll at

That is the link, and the anchor text is "Dropping Out of the Rat Race"

:) Thanks!

ybot said...

Check out now. your included to my blogroll... thanks

PinaySmile said...

Thanks for the message. Sure we can x-change link. pls add my 2 blogs and let me know if ur done. Thanks!

toby said...

I only add, Just give me your prepare Anchor for your second one and the url

Aparna said...

I have added your link in to my blogroll.
Please let me know when you will add mine.
Title:Beauty and Personal Grooming

Nyte said...

I posted your link in my blog under nytes links on the right hand top side of my blog
Heres my Link
Anchor Text : Nytes Blog

toby said...

hi hyte

Your included in my blogroll

Thank You

thaistory said...

Teacher in Thailand

Stories from Thailand

With the only mention that you are actually on my blogroll, on the front page, and not in a post! I expect the same thing from you. If you can't, just leave a message saying so on the two blogs...


theMOON said...

Already did.Thanks!

toby said...

Your welcome themoon
in my blogroll

gagay said...

hello! nice for exlink?

here's mine: GAGAY

happy said...

hi there,

i added you in my links. just let me know if you want the anchor changed.

mine is:

thanks. :)

Mercblogger said...

Tapos na kita add sa blogroll ko...
Ito sakin... url add- anchor txt- Mercblogger

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