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Feb 8, 2008

Award Received From Pinoy Alphabet

this is the very first time that pinoy alphabet will give awards to other pinoy blogs
alibata is an early Filipino alphabet
so who will recieved this award??
blog should have presented our country
giving current issues
can also be written in Tagalog
giving much appreciation to our country's hidden talents
giving trivias
now let me give this award to our first batch of winners

pinoy conexion

balitang kalye


congratulations!! continue your good work and helping to promote our very own Philippines



bluedreamer27 said...

hello gheeeh slamat at naitama ko na sya(yung link sorry uli) have a great day tobu

My Sassy Mind said...

Congratulations on your award. Sana makatanggap ka pa ng mas marami. By the way, care for an exchange links with me? Check out my blog and see if you are interested. See you there. Just drop your comment (wink)

My Sassy Mind

ybot said...

Thanks Sassy, i'll visit your blog

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