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Nov 27, 2007

Cell Site

Usap usapan sa baangay at sa sasakyan ang pagtatayo, ng cell site sa kanilang lugar.
"Siguradong lalakas na ang signal ng cellphone ko ngayon, Malapit lang sa amin ang cell site."
"Ade lagi mo na akong e te text. Wala ka nang dahilan para sabihin na no signal."
Ano naman kaya ang epekto ng cell site, sa ating kalusugan. May masama kayang apekto ang Cell sites. tanong ng isang kasama. Baka kaya magka cancer tayo.
Ayon sa DOH


Health Secretary Manuel M. Dayrit today declared that present scientificknowledge does not prove that radiation from cellular phone transmitterscould cause cancer.Cellular phones and cell sites emit a type of radiation known as radiofrequency radiation (RFR). The controversy about its effects arises from the fear that it might cause cancer."Various studies have been done abroad to find out if RFR causes cancer but up to now, results have either been inconsistent or inconclusive", Dayrit revealed. "Rest assured that the DOH is keeping track of studies being done abroad for the public's safety", he added.The latest evaluation done by the Department of Health's (DOH) Bureau ofHealth Devices and Technology (formerly Radiation Health Service) on theradiation safety of 2,659 cell sites showed that the safe distances in front of these antennas range from 0.1 meter to 12.6 meters, depending on theantenna specifications.The antennas were installed on towers, roofs, outer walls of buildings, or for the low-powered ones, on ceilings or tops of the inner walls of buildings. These areas are normally inaccessible to the public."On-site measurements for different types of antennas confirmed that the RFR levels at the calculated safe distance and beyond are either too low to be measured or way below the limits set by the International Commission on Non-ionizing Radiation Protection", Dayrit explained.RFR of various frequencies is all around us. It is used not only intelecommunications through cell phones but also in radio and televisionbroadcasting..In the future, if new antennas with higher specifications will be used, the safe distance would increase. However, since these high-powered antennas are installed Oil towers or tall structures, it is unlikely that a person would be located in front of the antenna where the emission is -concentrated.If the intensity or power of the RFR is high enough to cause an increase inbody temperature, it could possibly cause cataracts, skin burns, deep burns, heat exhaustion, and heat stroke. However, these will not happen if the person is at a safe distance, or beyond, from these antennas.

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